Monday, August 20, 2012

Katelynn's first bath

A quick picture, before heading to her bath, of sucking her thumb. She loves her hands!
 She wasn't so excited about her bath at first
 but, it got better

 so cute and snuggled up

so sweet

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 3: Home

The days were sweet and full of baby cuddles.
 The nights were horrible and painful. 
The first night, Tyler stayed with me and I contracted all night long and cried in pain. The second night, Katelynn started crying hysterically and I couldn't calm her down. I knew she was hungry but she wouldn't calm down enough to latch on and eat. I had to give in and use a pump and then we used a syringe to feed her. I found out that night, she had been latching on but wasn't getting anything. She was starving!! She had lost a whole pound. So, pumping became priority #1.
Tyler tried to stay with me again that night but was just too tired from not getting any sleep the night before. We called Grandmother at midnight and she came right in and helped me all night with Katelynn. 
So, when the doctor gave me the option of going home on day three instead of day four, we decided to go! Annagrace and Emmalee were already at Grandmother's for the night, so it made the transition to home a little easier with just Katelynn. 
 So, I got her all dressed in her "Little Sister" outfit
 and loaded up in the van.
Our third night went much better, at home, in our own bed!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finally it's Birth Day!!

My c-section was scheduled for noon but they had an emergency come in right at noon so we got pushed back an hour or so. I think that was the longest hour of my life. I was so eager to get into that OR, get her out, and hold her!
 pre-op monitoring and prep
I finally got wheeled to the OR, then had to scoot from the bed to the table, and then curl over and receive my spinal. Honestly, the worst part of the spinal is them digging their thumbs into my hips verifying placement. It's a mixture of pain and tickle all at the same time and makes you want to jump up off of the table. Everything was going smoothly until they laid me back and put the curtain up, that's when the vomiting started and I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn't breath and just felt horrible. I don't remember my other two c-sections feeling like that. But, after a few minutes, some additional IV meds, and a nasal cannula of oxygen, I was ok and feeling the normal tugging of a c-section. A few minutes later, 13:16 exactly, Katelynn was pulled into this world and I heard her cry out for the first time.  
After all of the poking and checking, I finally got to touch her:
and then Tyler took her out to meet her big sisters

I was very happy that the Medical Center had made a change in the post-op procedure. Instead of the baby going to the nursery to be washed and weighed while I was sent to the recovery room, they now have a washing and weighing room inside of the recovery room. So, Katelynn got to stay with me. I was able to hold her and feed her while my spinal was wearing off.
As soon as I could wiggle my toes, they moved me to my room. (I was in a lot of pain and was upset that they didn't have that under control before moving me.)
After they got me settled in bed and medicated, they let my family in. And boy did they come in! We had a room full! But the sweetest and most excited visitors were Annagrace and Emmalee.
 They ran to my bedside and wanted to hold her immediatly. Emmalee actually got really upset that I didn't just hand her over.
Once they were seated, Grandmother and Aunt Carol helped them hold her for the first time. 

 Me and my girls!
 Our first family photo:
I am overwhelmed with joy. I feel so incredibly blessed to have three healthy, beautiful, happy little girls and an amazing husband who takes care of all four of us.

The belly

The last hour, before we headed to the hospital, we had to capture the fullness of this pregnancy.

My belly got MUCH bigger this time than it ever did with my other two. Katelynn defiantly took up as much room as she could!
The weight of my belly got to be painful but I think that had more to do with being on bed rest. She grew so much right there at the end and being in bed, I think my stomach muscles didn't keep up with the growth. So, when I did get up, the weight and pressure would get really painful.
But, I loved actually having a baby belly!! I've always been so excited to be pregnant and no one could ever tell that I was actually pregnant, I never had a cute round belly. Well I got my wish with this one! There was no hiding that belly!

Monday, August 13, 2012


My Annagrace is all grown up and headed to school!
She is now a Double Churches Wildcat
 She was very happy to see so many familiar faces, many of her Pre-K classmates are in the same class! Her teachers are Mrs. Williamson and Mrs. Rouse who are incredibly sweet and helpful.

 I am so proud of my big girl! We went as a family to walk her to class for her first day. I was so happy that she felt so comfortable and didn't have a hard time telling us goodbye. She didn't cry a bit. I can't say the same about myself though. I cried from the moment I walked out the classroom door until the moment I stepped foot through our house door. I didn't cry the first day of Pre-K, but there is just something about starting Kindergarten (aka real school) that broke me down. It might also have to do with the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant!

Monday, April 30, 2012

To my TWO year old . . .

Oh Emmalee, you are such a ray of sunshine. So happy and bubbly and energetic. Everyone comments on what a happy kid you are. You are my mini me, an exact copy down to the shape of your teeth. You are Mommy's little buddy (especially with Annagrace being gone to school) but you are starting to move into the "Daddy's girl" stage. There are times, when you are upset and Daddy is the ONLY one who can console you and make you happy. AND I love that!! I love that you have an amazing Daddy and that you love him so much.
You are such a cuddle bug still, I'm so thrilled that you haven't outgrown this. You are just as happy to cuddle in bed with a movie, on my sick days, as you are to play outside. You are always quick to say "I love you Mommy" and always respond to an "I love you" with an "I love you too."
You are talking up a storm and learn a ton from your sister. You always want to be treated as an equal to her and not a two year old. This makes you a little bit of a dare devil! But, you are one tough little booger. Falls, bumps and bruises don't faze you. If you fall down, you immediately get right back up and assure me, "I okay Mommy!"
You follow directions very well and love to help with any jobs, big or small. You sweep, dust, rotate laundry, and even sing as you pick up toys. I'm so excited to see you as a big sister, how loving and helpful you are going to be with Katelynn.
You let me know when you need a diaper which means we need to work on potty training!! But, I've been a little too lazy about it so far. We really need to work on that before Katelynn gets here!!
You are so curious and stubborn. You don't care about the consequences, you have to know what all is in that desk drawer. But, punishment, even a mild scolding hurts your feelings so bad that I hate to fuss at you. You can't stand when Annagrace is in timeout, you feel like you have to go keep her company and entertain her, even when she's in timeout for hurting you. You get your share of hits and kicks in too! Annagrace has to be on her toes with you but she only has herself to blame :) you learned it all from her!
I worry constantly about you being a second child (and a future middle child). I never want you to feel like you get less attention, less hugs or kisses, less of my time and energy. I have been sick during most of your two years, between Migraines and another pregnancy, I worry I haven't  been the same Mommy for you that I was for Annagrace. I try to make sure that Grandmother or Daddy entertains you during my sick days, to make up for my shortcomings. I just don't want you to ever feel deprived. You love your Grandmother and Granddaddy and I think you would choose them over me ANY day. I don't blame you, they are very fun Grandparents who entertain you constantly. They keep you outside in the garden and the swing, which you absolutely LOVE!
You love Mickey and Minnie, Caillou, and most recently Doc McStuffins. The way you say Doc McStuffins is so adorable that it makes me smile every time you say it. Movies don't usually keep your attention for the full time, especially when your sister chooses a Barbie movie. Our trip to Disney World was amazing. Your excitement when meeting Mickey and Minnie was one of the greatest moments of my life. You just hugged them over and over and over again, not scared one bit! I'll never forget how happy they made you.
You still love your Passy and Blankie and they are a requirement at nap and bed time and when you just feel like curling up. You are in love with the same blankies as Annagrace so they are getting worn out but neither one of you care at all.
You LOVE to sing!!! And you know the words to I am a Child of God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Porpcorn Tree, and you're almost there with the alphabet song.
You are such an amazing little girl and I love you so much. I love watching you learn and grow more and more everyday.

Monday, April 16, 2012

To my 5 year old . . .

I know everyone says this every birthday, but . . . I honestly can't believe that you are FIVE YEARS OLD!! We waited so long for you and now it seems like my time with you is flying by. 
You are SO amazing! 
SMART - your vocabulary amazes me everyday. Your latest word is "suppose," you always use it correctly and it makes me laugh every time. Anything you see or hear is permanently in your brain. (You got this from your Daddy. You are so much like him that it scares me sometimes!) You can count to 100 and beyond and are happy to do it at ANY time. You have known the alphabet for a long time but now you know their sounds and how to write them, upper and lower case. You have learned so much in Pre-K with your amazing teachers: Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. East. You have gone from writing ANNA to Annagrace and even learning to write sentences!! You have truly loved going to school everyday. 
FUNNY - you try to make up your own little jokes. They usually don't make sense, but you think they are hilarious! If you see someone else do anything that makes me laugh, you have to copy it immediately to get a laugh as well. You say the funniest things that crack me up on a daily basis. Sometimes you don't mean them to be funny and you get embarrassed when I laugh (this is part of your sensitivity, I'll get to that in a minute). You love to entertain your little sister and she is a captive audience. 
SENSITIVE - I was so scared at the start of the school year that someone would hurt your feelings. But, you have handled school like a champ. You have been told "I don't want to be your friend" and have been able to handle it. You have dealt with kids not playing with you or not sharing with you. It's a hard reality, but you have learned how to handle it. You are so sensitive at home and I have to be careful and cautious of this. If any compliment is given to Emmalee and not to you, it hurts your feelings. You notice EVERYTHING and make sure that everything is always equal. You were an only child for 3 years and got all of the attention so these last two years, having a younger sister, has been an adjustment for you. But, this sensitivity is also what melts my heart because it means that you still love to cuddle with me. It's what makes you so sweet to Emmalee and your friends. It's what still makes you my "little girl."
FRIENDLY - you are so good at including everyone. Anyone you meet is an instant friend. You have formed friendships with girls in your class: Miller, Emily, and Zoey. They are your little group, yet everyday when I ask who you played with outside, it's always someone different. You are able to get along with anyone and play with them. You are an amazing big sister and such a good helper. 
ARTISIC - you are an amazing artist and love to draw and paint! You love drawing people, rainbows, and butterflies.
Your loves:
Barbie movies
Barbie dolls and your doll house
Stuffed animals
Gardening with Grandmother
Dressing up and playing any type of imaginative play 
Saying your prayers and blessing the food
You are such an amazing little girl. I pray daily for help to be the Mommy that you need and deserve. I pray for the patience to handle you correctly and teach you everything that you need to know. I love you more than I can ever express in words and actions. 
You are my wish come true. 
Happy Birthday BABY!!

Annagrace turns 5!!

When we went to Disney World, it was supposed to be in celebration of all of our April birthdays. But, we went so early that by the time Annagrace's birthday came along . . . I felt bad not doing anything!!! So, after school, we went to Chuck E Cheese for games, dinner, and cake.
 We were so excited that Angie and Will were able to join us so last minute! They have been at every one of Annagrace's birthday parties, I don't think we know how to party with out them =)

 Princess Cupcakes

 Icing faces are always funny!

She was excited for all of her birthday presents. She has amazing, on the ball, Aunts and cousins who had everything shipped to us in time so she had LOTS to open!
(Sadly, I'm not this good, I owe all three of my nieces and nephew birthday presents still!!)
Also, sorry about the photo quality! We have a new lap top (OUR Anniversary present) and Tyler hasn't loaded any photo editing programs onto it yet!! It's kinda killing me!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break

We headed down to the beach Wednesday morning with Grandmother. Then Tyler and Granddaddy came down late Thursday night.
Playing on the beach:
kicked back and taking it easy with a snack
the pool was freezing but the girls got in anyway
birthday photos on the beach
updated foot pic

Pier Park hosted an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. They had it split up into age groups. Luckily the group was 2-4 so they got to hunt together.

There were TONS of eggs

We had a wonderful trip with the exception of my allergic reaction. When I was pregnant with Emmalee I was allergic to seafood. I had hoped it was a one time thing and so I tried seafood on this trip. Come on, you can't go to the beach and not eat seafood. But, within 15 mins my throat was getting tight and my chest was hurting.   My reaction hadn't been that bad last time but I've heard that each time it gets worse. We rushed to CVS for some Benadryl and I spent the rest of the night laying in bed dizzy and groggy but breathing!